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Abutilon Big Bell

Abutilon is from South America. It belongs to the large Malvaceae family (Malvaceae). The shrub is native to Chile, Uruguay and Brazil. But nowadays it occurs in nature in about 150 species worldwide. This terrace plant is available in several colors. It has many attractions. Admire the impressive, bell-shaped, hanging flower and see that the leaves of some species are really very decorative. There are variants with green and variants with mottled leaves. The Dutch name of the Abutilon Big Bell is "Belgian Flag". The flower of this Abutilon bears the colors of the Belgian flag: black, yellow and red.


Place on terrace or balcony

Abutilon is simple in terms of care. He likes to be in a warm place. But preferably not in full sun. The sun dries up the Abutilon leaves, causing them to fall off. You also like a wind-protected spot on your terrace or balcony. If you have a greenhouse or sunroom, he will also feel great there. Place the Abutilon in a cheerful vase and you will get the most out of the plant. Take care not to place the plant in open ground, unprotected or in full sun.


Precautions with Abutilon

Abutilon needs a lot of water. Therefore, it must be watered very regularly. Don't let the soil dry out! Also give fertilizer every two weeks. So you have a beautiful plant on your terrace during spring, summer and autumn. But remove the dried flowers. The plant can thus again create new flowers. The flowers are rich in nectar, which can sometimes drip.



To keep Abutilon in the desired shape and compact, you can prune it regularly. Trim young shoots without cutting into old wood.


Abutilon "Big Bell"

SKU: P1201
  • Vase 19cm | Plant Height 60 cm

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