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This beautiful bromeliad is available in orange. If you are familiar with the Greek language, you will understand, looking at the leaves, why it is called Aechmea. In Greek, it means spearhead. Some varieties have a special leaf pattern that gives the plant extra ornamental value. There are also Aechmeas that surprise you with colorful nuts.


Name: Aechmea


Source: mainly from Brazil around the Amazon.


Light: Light to very bright, never direct sunlight.


Ideal temperature: 16-21 ° C


Watering: 1 x per week in the hottest periods


Fertilization: Not required




Place Aechmea in a well-lit area of the house where midday sun is avoided. Water this plant in the calyx, this is the heart of the plant from which the flower grows. The plant feeds on that heart. As soon as the water is no longer visible, it must be topped up.


Good to know


Bromeliads with thick leaves prefer an arid environment and bromeliads with thin leaves prefer a more humid location. This means that an Aechmea does particularly well on a windowsill, they can tolerate the dry heat of central heating well.



Aechmea Pepita Elegant Flames

SKU: P1782
  • Vase | 12 cm

    Total height | 45 cm

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