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The Portulacaria afra “Variegata” plant is a succulent, bushy, with gray bark and thin, knotted branches. It develops small obovate leaves, often pointed, opposite, with yellow spots, up to 2 cm long, flat on the top and convex on the bottom.

Generates saucer-shaped, pale pink flowers, 2 mm wide , which flower in summer. Prefers intense exposure even in full sun. In nature it can reach 2 to 3 meters in height, while in pots it is below 50 to 70 cm.



Sold in a BONSAI pot with an approximate diameter of 12cm.

Plant height at time of sale: approximately 15-25cm.

Bonsai Portulacaria ø12cm em ø13cm Crispy Clean

SKU: P1956
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