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Features of Calibrachoa


Calibrachoa is much easier to care for than it is to spell! This charming, sun-loving annual is one of the best choices for pots, baskets and window boxes. Growing between 30 to 50cm tall, most calibrachoa varieties are profuse tufts that will drape over the edge of your favorite pot. The small flowers of the calibrachoa have a wide variety of colors and bicolors that appear throughout the summer. Although they make good cover plants, it is recommended to use calibrachoa primarily as a pot plant. 


Calibrachoa culture care


Although the calibrachoa is a sun lover, it can grow almost as well in partial shade as it does in full sun. Just remember to feed her every week with a diluted solution of liquid fertilizer. Because the calibrachoa is in bloom almost constantly, a few extra meals are good for you. If the plants start to bare, cut back to encourage the growth of new arms. 


This plant is not intended for human or animal consumption.


  • Vase 3 L  | Height


    Assorted Colors

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