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SCIENTIFIC NAME - Ehretia buxifolia

DESCRIPTION - Native to southwestern China, it belongs to the Boraginaceae family.
Tree of reduced dimensions and slow growth, persistent leaves much appreciated for its lush green.
It bears a white flower, which can be followed by a fruit. There are 2 varieties, the large leaf (Macrophyla) and the small leaf (microphyla), the latter bears fruit more easily.

LOCATION : Inside, next to a window (maximum distance 50 cm), without curtains or blinds, where it gets 2 to 3 hours of direct sunlight a day, it can spend the hot months outside, but it cannot tolerate temperatures below 12ºC.

WATERING: Leave the surface layer of the soil to dry well between waterings, it does not require a lot of water. They are sensitive to root fungi "if subjected to excess water and/or lack of light".

NUTRITION: Applying Biobonsai all year round, and Fertilbonsai from February to November, the regular use of "P/KBonsai" (from February to November) and "RhizaBonsai" (from February to November) are an excellent preventive measure against root fungi that can occur due to excess water and or lack of light.

PRUNING: It has a slow growth, although its beautiful leaves "last" a long time, so we must control the new shoots as soon as they reach the desired size. 

TRANSPLANT: With "TerraBonsai-Folhosas" and "RhizaBonsai" in April/May with partial defoliation.

WIRING: Unusual, it can be done all year round, but it is also very brittle. 

Carmona 5 anos

SKU: P1764
  • Bonsai bowl 14x10x6 cm  |  Total height 21 cm

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