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Dionaea Muscipula


Origin: America


Of all the carnivorous plants, Dionaea muscipula, also known as the Venus flytrap, is certainly the best known. The leaves appeal to the imagination and are considered by many to be fascinating. There are tactile hairs on the two halves of a leaf. When the tactile hairs are touched several times, the leaf closes. If prey is captured, the plant will begin to digest it; otherwise, it will open again after a day.





Rainwater is the most natural thing Dionaea can get, but it is not essential. Tap water is also good.

Make sure the plant does not dry out. A saucer under the plant filled with water and keeping it full continuously is therefore the easiest for its cultivation.



A lightweight location is ​​ideal. For example behind the window or outdoors in full sun.

Although Dionaea can stay both indoors and outdoors. The plant can also remain outside during mild winters (down to about -5 ℃)



Do not give Dionaea fertilizer.

Dionaea muscipula

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