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Remarkably cold hardy, the Kumquat Fortunella Margarita is the most common species of kumquat, being introduced to the US from Japan in 1885 and Europe in the early 20th century. Now a well-known ingredient, its fruit combines spicy meat with a skin reminiscent of lavender crossed with citrus.



Often referred to as the oblong or teardrop kumquat due to the shape of its fruit, it is a highly productive plant, boasting a healthy crop of fruit from mid-winter... and a spectacular display of bright orange against the foliage. dark green. The tree is low-growing and dwarf in nature, making it ideal for pots... and as it is beautiful, a colorful gift for the home. The most unusual feature of Nagami kumquat is that the fruit is eaten whole, skin and all. For this is clearly not advisable for many citrus trees... The reason for this is that, although the flesh is very acidic, the skin is surprisingly sweet. When eaten together, the two harmonize, producing a distinct cooling sensation. Some even bite off the end of the fruit and squeeze out the excess juice - leaving only the sweetness of the skin. Kumquat has become an elegant delicacy and can be used to make all kinds of preserves and jellies. A gift that keeps on giving...


Minimum temperature 5º C

Flowering in March

Fruit all year round

Can be used indoors

edible fruits


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Citrus Kumquat Fortunella Margarita

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