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Golden Apple Tree

The main characteristics of the variety:

  • Authors: America, East Virginia
  • Taste: sweet, dessert
  • Aroma: Strong
  • Fruit weight, g: 140-170
  • Production: at the age of 7 years the yield is up to 250-300 c / ha, 18-23 years - 230 c / ha
  • The beginning of fruiting varieties: for 2-3 years
  • Ripening terms: winter
  • Removable maturity: at the end of September
  • Maintaining quality: up to 6 months
  • Commitment: universal


Golden Delicious is the favorite variety among gardeners, as apple trees bear fruits that have a beautiful appearance and good taste. They have many positive characteristics, including resistance to various weather conditions.

History of creation

The variety first appeared in America, in East Virginia. It was not removed on purpose. Officially, these apple trees were noticed in 1890 and began to spread rapidly and be used for breeding. Quickly, the variety moved to Europe.

Variety description

The trees are medium in size, in some cases they can grow a little taller. Young apple trees have a cone-shaped crown, in fruit crops you can see a wide, rounded crown with dense, well-leafy branches. The fruits are heavy and tasty. Their number depends on the weather conditions and care.

Features, pros and cons

Apple trees have many advantages:

  • plants have good resistance to several common diseases;
  • the variety is not afraid of low temperatures;
  • apple growers boast a bountiful harvest;
  • fruiting begins early;
  • the fruits are beautiful and tasty;
  • fruits can be stored for a long time.

But there are also some disadvantages:

  • the tree needs pollinators;
  • fruiting can be periodic;
  • the culture does not tolerate drought;
  • the plant needs regular pruning, otherwise the apples will become small.

Ripening and fruiting

The beginning of fruiting of the early-growing variety occurs 2-3 years after the seedling is planted in the ground. In subsequent years, if growing conditions are unfavorable, the tree may bear fruit intermittently. The fruits must be removed at the end of September.

Northern and cold territories are unfavorable places for growing Golden, but you can plant it there if you do it on a frost-resistant rootstock.


Golden Delicious is a fairly productive variety, thanks to which many people fell in love with it. 7 years after planting, about 250-300 c/ha can be harvested. In 18–23 years, apple trees will produce about 230 c/ha.

Fruits and their flavor

The apples are light green and golden in color and have a rounded-conical shape, weighing around 140-170 g, dry and quite dense skin, with grayish subcutaneous balls. The pulp is greenish (when removed), very juicy and dense, with a sweet dessert flavor and a strong, pleasant aroma.

The fruits are universal, which indicates the possibility of using them not only fresh, but also for preparing various dishes and drinks. They can be stored for up to 6 months, they do not disintegrate on the trees.

Macieira Golden

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