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Keith Mango tree


Common names: Mango.

Scientific name: Mangifera indica L.

Botanical family: Anacardiaceae



Tree probably native to northwest India and northern Burma and the slopes of the Himalayas and possibly also Ceylon. It is a subtropical and tropical species, and can be cultivated in some regions with a Mediterranean climate.

It can reach up to 30 meters in height, in the most favorable areas ​​ in the tropics. The trunk is straight and juicy, with a coffee-gray color and longitudinally shallow cracks that contain droplets of resin. The leaves are alternate, leathery, smooth on both surfaces, glossy dark green to yellowish green on the underside. Young leaves are reddish-violet or tan in color, later turning dark green. The flowers are presented in panicles, yellowish green in color with a width of 2 to 4 mm.

The fruits are very variable ​​ and vary in shape and dimensions, but are usually oblong ovoids, notoriously flattened or rounded, yellowish-green, yellow, red, or winged in color scratched with a thick skin, the presence of lenticels being common. The pulp is yellow, orange, juicy and very tasty. The set of flavors offered by mango pulp, together with the aromas that surround it, irremediably invite you to taste it fresh. But it is also ingenious to use in juices, confectionery, ice cream, etc.


The Keitt mango fruit is ovoid-oblong in shape, the skin color is pink with less than 30% red in color. Their average weight is 500 to 600 g. The pulp has practically no fibers, adapting very well to consumption with a spoon. The seed size is small. The quality of this fruit is excellent and it has a long commercial life. The growth habit of the mango tree is characterized by its large and arched branches, with sparse and subtropical growth.



Mango is very sensitive to frost and temperatures need to be high for good development. It can grow in any well-draining soil. Avoid light sandy soils and heavy clayey soils. Watering is essential if rainfall is poor. The rains that occur during the flowering period seriously reduce pollination and the yellowness of the fruit. It is a light demanding plant, so it does not support shading.

It is a tree of great commercial interest.


Mango is an exotic fruit; Its flavor and texture are very different from traditional fruits, which makes this a delicious fruit yet to be discovered by many people.

Mangueira Keitt

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  • Vase 5.5 L  |  Total Height 1.70 m

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