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Passion fruit


Common names: Passion fruit, Passion fruit, Pasiflora,

Scientific name: Passiflora edulis

Botanical family: Pasifloraceae


Passion fruit is a vine native to  Brazil. Today it can be grown outdoors in all tropical, subtropical and Mediterranean climate zones in the world. cultivation in greenhouses in colder regions is also possible, since it does not tolerate frost.

This plant has a great ornamental beauty due to its dense foliage with lobed leaves; well suited for covering walls, fences, railings or walls. Its flowers are very showy and have a unique unique architecture, with their characteristic blue-violet color on a white background. The fruit is spherical, with a smooth skin; and according to the variety its color can vary from yellow to purple. In a central cavity, the seeds are located, which are surrounded by a gelatinous pulp, very aromatic and with an exquisite taste. The fruits are highly valued fresh, although the pulp is scarce and the abundance of seeds can be uncomfortable to eat. They are also used as flavoring for alcoholic beverages in the production of juices and concentrates, sauces, cocktails, jellies, shakes, ice cream, desserts and sweets.

In commercial production,  the passion fruit is grown on a trellis that supports the "sarmentos" or branches. It is necessary to carry out frequent pruning to limit the growth of the foliage. It is advisable to place hives in passion fruit production areas to facilitate effective cross-pollination and obtain high yields.


Maracujá Roxo

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