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Parthenocissus striata

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Parthenocissus is Dutch for the sugar grape. The reason is that it is characterized by the sugary granules on the underside of the leaves. Probably to keep certain insects or other threats at bay. The plant can be recognized by the narrow, dark green leaves that grow on longer stems. The plant can be hung in several places. It is best to hang this plant in partial shade or a shady place. It's best to water the plant if the soil feels dry. It is a strong plant that requires little care. Originally, this plant comes from Australia.



Parthenocissus striata is a vine. This is a family of vines that originally grows in North America and East Asia. Parthenocissus plants are also very suitable as outdoor plants during the warmer months of the year. The sun gives its leaves a reddish edge.

Parthenocissus striata

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