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How to Grow Proteas in a Garden

Drainage: Usually the soil should be sandy, however it is very important to ensure good drainage, which allows for good oxygenation of the roots. You should avoid growing them in clayey soil or in places where the water stagnates.

pH and fertilization: Proteas prefer an acidic soil, with pH 5.5/6.5; in soils where the pH is greater than 6.5 before transplanting your plant you should add peat and iron sulphate.

They are extremely efficient plants in the use of fertilizers: avoid placing them in soils that are too rich and only use the proper fertilizer for Proteas. 


Water: During the first year, Proteas need more water for the roots to develop and deepen. In the second year, one watering per week is sufficient in the driest periods.


Sun: The more your sun exposure, the more flowers they produce. Avoid placing them in places where walls or trees can shade them, especially in the south.


Temperature: They are plants that survive a few degrees below zero, especially if the cold does not appear suddenly and the humidity in the air and soil is not high.


How to grow proteas in pot

For those who don't have a garden or live in areas with cold and harsh winters, with some extra care you can grow Proteas in pots.

Substrate: The soil must be well drained: mix in a normal substrate, 30% perlite.

Make sure, after that, that your soil has a pH between 5.5 and 6.5 and the same has not resulted from the addition of fertilizer.


Watering: Once you've certified that the soil allows for good drainage, don't forget to water the plants.

In summer you should water the plants abundantly at least once a day.


Fertilizing: During the summer season you should supply the plant, once a week, with a solution of 0.25g/l of fertilizerwithout phosphorus and 0.25 g/l of Iron Chelate.

In autumn, fertilize only every 2 weeks.


Sun and temperature: Avoid shade. If during the winter the temperature is several times below zero, shelter the plant. Remember not to keep Proteas indoors for long periods as they need natural light.

Protea cynaroides Pink King

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