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Saintpaulia ionantha


Popular name: Violet; African violet.
Scientific name: Saintpaulia ionantha.
Family: Gesneriaceae.
Origin: Tropical Africa. 

Comments: Perennial herb, 15 to 20 cm tall, with velvety, fleshy, fragile and highly ornamental leaves.

Flowering is continuous throughout the year. From hybridization and genetic improvement, varieties emerged that produce flowers of different colors, such as white, pink, purple or bicolor. (Cultivate “Chimera”)

Plant of tropical origin, does not tolerate low temperatures and frost. 

Cultivation: It is usually grown in vases and flowerpots kept in places protected from direct sunlight, but with a lot of indirect or diffused light.

The pots must contain a mixture rich in organic matter, with excellent drainage, avoiding any excess moisture, which could lead to the plant rotting.


Saintpaulia ionantha Mix V12

  • Vase 10.5    |   height 15 cm

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