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Senecio herreianus 'Purple Flush' (Necklace of Rubies)


It is a very decorative and extremely particular succulent, consisting of long, slender and purplish branches that, with growth, tend to assume the appearance of falling in beautiful cascades. The entire length of the stem is covered with small fusiform leaves, of a particular glaucous green color that, when exposed to the sun, turns a brilliant and surprising purple!


In spring, these hues contrast well with the long peduncles full of white flowers.


It's a real must-have for succulent lovers, perfect for decorating any style: just place it in a hanging vase or on a shelf to enjoy its spectacular and unique branches!



Plant care:



Light: Generally likes direct sunlight.



Temperature: It is preferable to keep it in mild temperatures, never below 5°C, so it is recommended to place it in sheltered but bright places during the winter period.



Watering: Almost all species of this genus need very sparse watering throughout the year, when the plant clearly needs it.



Soil: The soil varies greatly from species to species, but in general a well-draining substrate is required.



Fertilization: They do not need frequent fertilization, just dilute the fertilizer with watering once a year.

Senecio herreianus 'Purple Flush'

SKU: P0594
PriceFrom €3.95
  • Vase 12 cm  |  Total Height 15/20 cm

    Vase Suspension 18 cm

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