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Senecio kleiniiformis



It is a rather slow-growing succulent, equipped with light-colored fleshy stems, from which particular blue-green leaves emerge. The leaves are cylindrical at the base and pointed at the apex, resembling a spear point or a conical wedge (hence the name, with which it is commonly known, as "spear point"). Sometimes, especially during growth, the leaflets can be shorter and spoon-like. It is a very popular plant for its ornamental power, combined with the simplicity of cultivation, which makes it perfect even for beginners!


Plant care:

It generally likes direct sunlight.


It is preferable to keep it in mild temperatures, never below 5°C, so it is recommended to place it in sheltered but bright places during the winter period.


Almost all species in this genus need very sparse watering throughout the year, when the plant clearly needs it.


The soil varies greatly from species to species, but in general a well-draining substrate is needed.


They do not need frequent fertilizing, it is enough to dilute the fertilizer with watering once a year.

Senecio kleiniiflormis

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