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SIRO EPIPHYTE ORCHID is a special substrate for potting and transplanting epiphytic orchids (in their natural habitat they grow attached to the trunks and branches of trees) such as: Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, Dendrobium and Coelogyne, among others. This substrate simulates the natural habitat of epiphytes, characterized by a very light and porous thick texture that guarantees adequate drainage and aeration to preserve a balanced humidity. Enriched with a specific fertilizing of controlled release fertilizers, it ensures balanced and adapted nutrition during the first 5-6 months. In this way, essential conditions are met for the healthy and robust development of this type of plant, with such specific characteristics, in an ecosystem that is not natural to them.


Pine Bark, Blonde Sphagnun Peat, Coco Chips and mineral fertilizer NPK (Mg) 17-11-10 (2) + micro (2g/l) controlled release up to 6 months.

Siro Orquídeas Epífitas

SKU: P1194
1 Liter
  • Bag - 5 Liters

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