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Siro® Interior is a special substrate for planting and transplanting all types of indoor plants. It is enriched with a controlled and slow release mineral fertilizer for 9 months, with a suitable formulation to promote the green coloring of the foliage of indoor plants. The incorporation of micro granulated expanded clay in the substrate favors aeration/drainage, creating at the same time a stable humidity, which promotes optimal conditions, so that the plants have a complete healthy development inside any space.


NPK 18-8-11 Longevity 9 months: 3 kg/m3


 Additional Information 

 Siro Agro 1 (Pine Bark Humus - RAL certified), Blond Sphagnum Peat, Expanded Clay and Mineral Fertilizer with controlled and slow release up to 9 months.

Physical-chemical characteristics:

 pH in CaCl2: 5.0-6.0
Conductivity: 50-100 µS/cm
Granulometry 0-15mm
Organic Matter > 50%


Packaging NP 12580




Siro Plantas de Interior

SKU: P2562
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