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Siro PROTEAS is a special substrate for planting and transplanting the main species of Proteas. It recreates to the maximum the soils of these plants from South Africa and Australia. Substrate with specific fertilization for Proteas - absent in phosphorus - with controlled and slow release for up to 12 months, which promotes their healthy and vigorous development. It has a light and porous texture, ensuring proper drainage and aeration.


NPK 16-0-10 (Longevity 12 months): 2.5kg/m3


 Additional information  

 Sphagnum Blonde Peat, Siro Agro 1 (Pine Bark Humus - RAL certified), Expanded Clay, Perlite and Mineral Fertilizer with controlled and slow release up to 12 months.

Physical-chemical characteristics:

 pH in CaCl2: 5.0-6.0
Conductivity: 60-120 µs/cm
Granulometry 0-15mm
Organic Matter >50%

Siro Protea

SKU: P1308
1 Liter
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