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Siro Royal is a "GOLD" quality universal substrate ideal for planting and transplanting a wide range of demanding plants, especially flowering plants, with the exception of plants that require an acidic pH. It is enriched with controlled and slow release fertilizer that provides the appropriate nutrients for the healthy development of plants for 14 months. The natural humic and fulvic acids present in humus promote excellent conditions for the growth of the root system of plants, and in combination with perlite and coco peat, create a balanced aeration and drainage of the substrate.



NPK 19-7-10 (Longevity 14 months): 3 kg/m3


Additional information 

 Siro Agro 1 (Pine Bark Humus - RAL certified), Sphagnum blonde peat, Coco peat, Perlite and mineral fertilizer with controlled and slow release up to 14 months.

Physical-chemical characteristics:

 pH in CaCl2: 5.5-6.5 Conductivity: 50-100 µs/cm
Granulometry: 0-15mm
Organic Matter: >70%


Packaging NP 12580    EAN-13                   Packaging

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 11L                                        607226100146       bag


Siro Royal

SKU: P2575
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