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Tillandsia Albertiana is a strong aerial plant species within the epiphyte family, which is also easy to care for.

This specific Tillandsia is named after the Argentinean botanist Alberto Castellanos.

This aerial plant has a flatter shape with green leaves that mirror each other, as you can see in the picture. In addition, Tillandsia Albertiana can grow a red flower that can last for a week, which is very special if you compare it with other air plants and their flowers with shorter durations.

This aerial plant grows mainly in clusters/clumps, and we are happy to supply pieces of this species of about 12 centimeters.


This air plant likes to be sprayed regularly (once a week), preferably with ourAir Plants care spray!

Tillandsia Albertiana

SKU: P1850
  • – 12 x 6 cm

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