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Tillandsia Harrisii is distinguished among the different aerial plants by its thin grayish-white pointed leaves. The flowering of this type is quite remarkable, because the red flowering is very visible against the greyish-white/silver leaves. Tillandsia Harrisii prefers bright light as this unique, bright air plant can appear to do so.


Tillandsia Harrisii is mainly found in Guatemala, where Corsa Plant also has it on the farm.

Before the flowering phase begins, the plants are shipped to the Netherlands for the main location. Corsa Plant further cares for these air plants at this location.


The average height of this species that we have in our nursery is 10 to 15 centimeters. Furthermore, Tillandsia Harrisii is covered by CITES certificate, as is Tillandsia Xerographica. This means that it is a protected species plant in Central America and therefore only a limited amount of these plants can be imported.


This air plant likes to be sprayed (once a week), preferably with ouraerial plant treatment spray!

Tillandsia Harrisii

SKU: P2248
  • Medium – 12 x 10 cm
    Large – 15 x 15 cm

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