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Tillandsia Tectorum is a lovely species within the air plant variety. It has layers of soft, fuzzy leaves. The silvery-white 'feather', also known as 'trichomes', naturally protects the air plant from drought and basically reflects direct sunlight. Tectorum can be used beautifully in wedding bouquets, for example.

It prefers drier, less humid and warmer environments. This aerial plant is particularly special and can go for long periods without water. If it gets wet, it needs time to dry. Therefore, it is best to wait until the Tillandsia Tectorum is dry, before spraying it  a little again with normal water or preferably with our aerial plant care spray . Keep it in an area where it can dry out between waterings and/or make sure it's in a well-ventilated area.

Tillandsia Tectorum

SKU: P1699
  • – 6 x 6 cm

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