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Transparent pots for orchids



 Ø cm

 H cm 


MCO 12



 0.74 l  

MCO 15



 1.30 l

MCO 17



 1.85 l


Pots and containers for orchids - MCO Series

Fast growth, healthy plants, excellent machinability - Pöppelmann TEKU® is not only characterized by the leading product range, but also offers the ideal solution for your crop with the MCO series. And thanks to its exceptional product availability, Pöppelmann TEKU® will always be your reliable partner.

“Is a product just a product?” Not with Pöppelmann TEKU®: discover TEKU® AddedValues. Fast watering and draining and ideal potting machine properties - these little details are often what make a big difference. In other words: precision work. This is a decisive factor for the quality of TEKU® plant pots. And it is the deciding factor for something else: your success. - Take advantage of TEKU® AddedValues ​​ and discover what makes MCO truly exceptional.

Best plants.

Reduced growing time:
Fast growth and healthy plants ​​due to optimal watering and drainage.

Optimum root growth:
The high level of translucency ensures healthy and controlled root growth.

Very low failure rates:
The high stacking feet prevent contact between the soil and waste water that can collect under the base of the pot.

100% Recyclable vase.

Vaso transparente para orquídeas

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