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The Zutano variety avocado usually produces large fruits, with an average weight of around 275 g. It has a fresh and smooth taste. It is an interesting variety for its precocity, as it ripens at the beginning of winter. In many situations it is used as a Hass pollinator. Its flowering is type B.

The most recommended soils are light textured, deep, well drained and with a neutral or slightly acidic pH (5.5 to 7), but it can be grown in clayey or clayey loam soils as long as there is good drainage, as excess moisture provides a suitable environment for the development of root diseases, physiological such as root asphyxia and fungal as phytoptora.
They are self-fertile trees with good production, in terms of resistance to cold, and like the Hass variety, they cannot withstand temperatures below 0ºC. Thus, below -3ºC for a long time, both the flowers and the new fruits tend to suffer severe and irreversible damage.

The question of fertilization is also important in cultivation, for this we recommend a natural fertilizer, which improves the fertility and structure of your soil. 
Preventively we must apply preventive cupric fungicide and bactericide in wettable powder. Indicated for diseases such as: downy mildew, alternaria, anthracnose,  and bacteriosis. Its formulation provides good adhesion and persistence on the plant surface.
It is worth mentioning the contribution of high quality organic chelated iron, in treatments for the prevention and correction of iron deficiency, correcting iron deficiencies in a prolonged and gradual way over time. Decreasing the effects of salinity and increasing root development, favoring optimal crop growth.

avocado harvest
From mid-October to mid-December.

Abacateiro Zutano

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