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Aechmea ‘Brazil’


Botanical name: Aechmea ‘Brasil’ 

Common name: Bromeliad

Family: Bromeliaceae


The bromeliad or, Aechmea, is an epiphytic plant that grows in its natural habitat in the rainforests of Central and South America. In temperate climates, it is cultivated as a houseplant.

Aechmea 'Brasil' forms a rosette of broad variegated leaves with a dark green central band surrounded by a thick lime green margin. From the center it bears a tall spike of pink bracts dotted with small blue flowers.


Grow Aechmea 'Brazil' in a warm room, and in a bright spot, but without direct sun. 

It likes humidity, so it should be placed on a tray with wet pebbles or sprayed regularly. 

In its natural habitat the rosette of leaves forms an 'urn' or well, which collects rainwater. As a houseplant, it should be watered by filling the urn as well, about 2.5 cm deep.  Ideally, use rainwater or, failing that, distilled or filtered water. Empty and refill the urn every two weeks to avoid water stagnation.

Aechmea ‘Brasil’

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