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Scientific name

Agave geminiflora

Scientific Classification

Family: Asparagaceae

Genre: Agave


This species is endemic to the Mexican state of Nayarit.


Agave geminiflora is a succulent with narrow dark green leaves that cascade from the center of the plant, forming a dense rosette. The leaves are unarmed, rigid, but very flexible, up to 60 cm long and up to 0.8 cm wide. The rosette grows up to 90 cm in height and is almost equal in diameter.

When the rosette matures, it produces flowers arranged in pairs on an unbranched stem that rises to 3 meters.

The flowers are greenish, with shades of red or purple and up to 5 cm long.


Robustness zones -6.7 °C to +10 °C.

how to care

Agave is not a difficult plant to grow. They grow slowly and are dramatic and even thrive with a little neglect.

The Agave can be aggressive, they have irritating sap and sometimes very sharp thorns that can cause injuries.

In general, Agaves do not need to be replanted every year. Most species commonly found in cultivation grow very slowly and take a long time to outgrow their pot. It is also better to handle Agave as little as possible, as it does not like to be disturbed.

When repotting, change the spent potting mix with new potting mix and make sure the plant is firmly anchored in the pot.

Agave geminiflora

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