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 The Aglomorpha Coronans - Snake Leaf are wonderful ferns and are very fashionable. They are beloved because they conjure up images of the lush rainforest floor. Aglomorpha Coronans is probably the most beautiful of all indoor ferns, with large glossy leaves and classically shaped leaves. These are relatively slow plants, so only the most mature plants show the fern in all its splendor.


If you are looking for indoor plants that are easy to care for and want to bring the rainforest experience into your home, try this glorious fern, glaomorpha coronans which is a stunning epiphytic fern with glossy, ornate foliage that reaches 1-2 meters.


Very resistant and reliable, it is an excellent houseplant because it does well in areas with low humidity.


Aglaomorpha coronans is easy to grow in a basket, on a piece of bark or in a pot. Like many ferns, it likes a well-draining growing medium and shade with plenty of light, but not direct sunlight. Keep the mixture moist, but not soggy. When replanting, it's a good idea to add mulch to the original compost in the form of composted bark.


Aglaomorpha coronans is a tropical fern native to Indonesia, where it grows as an epiphyte, . They like a warm, humid environment, but nothing too hot. in a bright place, but away from direct sunlight.



This plant is easy to care for and is suitable for beginners in indoor plants.


where put

Aglaomorpha coronans likes high or direct light, ideally a bright spot. It prefers a warm, humid atmosphere - like its natural home, the rainforest.


how to water

This plant requires water only if it gets too dry. Appreciates being sprayed regularly  in a warm room.



Fertilize a few times during spring and summer with afertilizer for green plants


This fern is toxic to pets.



Aglaomorpha Coronans "Snake Leaf"

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