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A highly colorful and attractive species with large, narrow and glossy foliage, native to the tropical and subtropical climates of Asia and New Guinea. 'Spotted Star' is a popular speckled form, with speckled pink and green leaves, each borne atop a pink stem. Variation will be more obvious in brighter light - although direct sunlight should be avoided as it can damage the leaves.

Position: light, indirect light 
Ground: good for vases 
Growth rate: slow 
Resistance: moderate (indoors only)
Care: Keep away from drafts and water sparingly in winter. 
Keep temperatures above 16°C and mist leaves regularly to increase humidity. 
Repotting: (preferably in  low pot) every 3 years or so in spring.

Harmful if swallowed/irritating to skin and eyes

Aglaonema Spotted Star

SKU: P1552
  • Vase Ø 17cm  |  Total height 30 cm

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