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botanical name

Alocasia 'Portodora'

common plant name

Elephant ear, Portodora elephant ear


General description

The attractive, upturned leaves of 'Portodora' are rich in green, spade-shaped and with wavy edges. This hybrid is the result of crossing Alocasia odora and Alocasia portei and constitutes a superb architectural component for color contouring. During the growing season, flowers appear but are often overshadowed by the majestic and imposing foliage of this hybrid. The stems are thick, fleshy and apparently muscular as they hold the massive, wavy leaves.

Portodora's elephant ear prefers moderate shade and protection from the hot rays of the midday sun, especially if the soil is dry or poor in nutrients. It works well with several hours of sun in the morning or later in the day. Requires moist soil rich in organic matter, with sufficient drainage to allow the passage of fresh water. The size of this cultivar makes it only advisable for large containers as well as mixed borders. In mild winter climates, it can be placed in the garden. In winter, the aerial part will die, the rhizome will remain in the ground, which will reappear at the end of spring, as long as the conditions are met so that it does not rot in a cold, soggy soil. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to cover the soil with straw, to ensure that the rhizome does not remain in  contact with the ice.


Alocasia "Portodora" decopot

SKU: 1209
  • Plant Height: 1.35m

    Vase: 30x27 in Anthracite color

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