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Alyogyne hakeifolia 'Melissa Anne'
native hibiscus


Native hibiscus are very decorative in the garden, fast growing and naturally rounded in habit, with beautiful large pink flowers with red centers. 'Melissa Anne' is an excellent medium-sized shrub with long flowering, useful for use in alignment or informal hedging. Prune after spring flowering to encourage a dense habit and new flowering growth. It needs well-draining soil and best in a sunny location. Tolerates some frost, but does not like wind. Feed with a good fertilizer in the warm months, watering afterwards to prevent burns to the leaves or roots.


Family: Malvaceae

Scientific  name: Allyogyne hakeifolia

Grow crops: 'Melissa Anne'

Common Name: native hibiscus

Type of plant: big bush

Height: 2~2.5 meters

Width: 1.5~2 meters

Flower Color: Rose with the red eye

Flowering time: Summer autumn

Ph level: Acid, Neutral, Alkaline

Type of soil: Loam, sandy loam, clay loam

Plant environment: Low maintenance garden, poolside, growing in pots and planters, cottage garden, flower garden, coastal garden, drought resistant.

Climate Zone: Subtropical, warm temperate, Mediterranean

Light: Sunny

Planting season: All year

Growth habit: evergreen

Lifespan: perennial

Soil moisture: Well drained, Moderate humidity

Frost tolerance: Tolerates light frosts

Plant Usage: Resource plan, screen, windbreak

Special Uses: Erosion control, friendly playground

Attracts Wildlife: bees, butterflies


Alyogyne hakeifolia 'Melissa Anne'

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