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Scientific name: Prunus subg. prunus


Popular names: plum


Variety: Black Diamond


Family: rosacea


Generalities: It is a tree with medium-sized fruits.


Characteristics: Entry tree into rapid, regular production and good harvest. Difficult to handle due to its closed habit and abundant branching.


Flowering: usually in the first weeks of September


Fruit: Good-sized, rounded, dark purple fruit. The pulp is light yellow, firm texture and good flavor. It is harvested in July or August.


Flower: Flowers pentameric, slightly pinkish white, with numerous stamens and hermaphrodites.


Size of adult plants: can reach 7 to 10 meters in height.


Light: With the help of pruning, we must leave the branches with good lighting to improve the quality of the fruits.


Transplant: The usual transplant should be done from late winter to early spring. To plant a fruit tree in a bag we must remove the plastic bag, as it is only protective. The screen we found later does not need to be removed as it is carefully placed to help the fruit tree root and is biodegradable.


Multiplication: By dormant bud graft.


Temperature: Medium temperature tree, and the fruit is best in warmer climates although fruit trees need hours of cold to rest and thus produce quality fruit. It must be said that it adapts best to altitudes between 600 and 1000 m.


Ground: Fertile and well drained, we will help ourselves with fertilizers. They are sensitive to salinity. In the first years a fruit tree should not lack water, then it can be reduced although it is always necessary to water regularly and more abundantly in warmer weather and less in cold weather. The drip system will ensure the correct irrigation of the fruit trees. It must be watered regularly, especially during the growth phase and in warm seasons.


Fertilizing: If it is grown in a container, a universal liquid fertilizer is sufficient every month. To plant in the garden, we must add organic matter in spring along with a mineral nitroflower fertilizer and a second supply of nitroflowers in late summer.


Pruning: It is convenient to prune fruit trees every year. Unproductive, irritating, dry branches and shoots (very vertical branches) must be removed to improve their lighting and ventilation so that the fruits come out with great size and quality.


Pests and diseases: Treatments should be applied as soon as problems are identified. Thus, it will be convenient to treat fungal diseases such as powdery mildew, mildew ... and also pests such as caterpillars, spiders, mealybugs, aphids ...

Ameixeira Black Diamond

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