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Scientific name: Prunus sativa


Variety: Japanese plum tree


Family: Rosaceae.


Origin: Europe and Asia.


Generalities: Ground plum trees are widely used in orchards.


Characteristics: Tree with oval leaves, flowers are ivory white.


Flowering: It blooms in late winter, early spring.


Fruit: The fruits are fleshy.


Multiplication: The most used method is the grafting of dormant buds.


Adult plant size: It can reach 10 meters in height.


Light: They require very bright positions, even in direct sunlight.


Temperature: They are resistant to both high and low temperatures, but are sensitive to late frosts.


Watering: They should be watered in the spring-summer period with a certain frequency and intensity, without creating puddles or waterlogging, to keep the soil fresh and moist.


Fertilization: Carry out according to the schedule.


Pruning: Remove dry or decayed branches.

Ameixeira Golden Japan

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  • VH 35 x 150 cm

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