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Plum tree Stanley


Scientific name:


Popular names: plum, stanley, brunettes


Family: Rosaceae.


Origin: Europe.


General: Plum trees are grown on land.


Characteristics: Medium vigor tree, erect and very productive.


Flowering: It blooms from late winter to early spring.


Fruit: Medium-sized, slightly asymmetrical fruit. Very dark red skin, covered with pruine that gives it a bluish hue. Greenish-yellow pulp, consistent, little adherent to the stone and with good flavor. Maturation at the end of August.


Multiplication: The most used method is grafting a dormant bud on a cutting from the previous year.


Adult plant size: It can reach up to 7 meters in height.


Light:  plum trees require very bright positions, even in direct sunlight.


Temperature: They are resistant to high and low temperatures, but are sensitive to late frosts.


Ground: Fertile and well drained.


Irrigation: It should be watered in spring and summer with a certain frequency and intensity, without forming puddles or waterlogging, to keep the soil fresh and moist.


Fertilization: fertilize with liquid fertilizer for fruit trees.


Pruning: Eliminate dry and decayed branches.


Illnesses: The lanigero aphid settles on branches and leaves, which often dry out and fall off. In winter, do a good treatment with insecticides and copper to eliminate the pests and diseases that will be hibernating.




Fruit trees should be sprayed twice a year: the 1st treatment is carried out in autumn before leaf fall, the 2nd treatment is carried out in spring before flowering.


-Copper fungicide: ​​1 sachet (50 grams) for 10 liters of water.


-Anti mealybugs: 10 c.c. for 20 liters of water (0.5 c.c. / 1 ​​liter of water).


The two products can be mixed.


Ameixeira Stanley

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