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Anisodontea Elegans Princess is a beautiful patio shrub that is a favorite of butterflies and bees. They are easily attracted during the growing season, which runs between May and October. This period sees dazzling pink and bright green colors all over the petals, with the green forming a star-shaped design in the center of each flower.

You're sure to make a standout addition to the garden with this shrub, which, when properly cared for, will grow and flower with ease.

You should position it in full sun with some necessary partial shade to give it some rest.

Water so the soil stays moist and it will undoubtedly look great on any border, patio or plant display, with the dark green foliage and effective lollipop stem holding everything in its place.


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Anisodontea elegans Princess, more commonly known as Cape Malva, is a patio shrub and is a garden favourite, as well as being loved by butterflies and bees.

This semi-hardy perennial has dazzling, bright pink flowers with a green star-shaped design that fan out from the center.

Lush green foliage surrounds the flowers, both of which are supported by a subtle lollipop-like stem to create an eye-catching display in borders, patios or plant displays.

The genus of this shrub is Anisodontea, a genus of flowering plants in the mallow family that are native mainly to South Africa.

Most varieties within this genus are classified as medium hardy and thrive best in cooler temperatures as they benefit greatly from full sunlight, however in a hot dry climate it will appreciate some shade, to help to protect it from the strong afternoon sun.


The beautiful flowers of this Anisodontea will bloom from May to October, bringing out attractive shades of pink and a burst of green from the center. By the brightness provided by the petals, the plant stands out easily, especially when joined by the green foliage and the subtle lollipop stem that holds it in place.


Planting this shrub in fertile, humic, well-draining, rich soil improves its long-term growth, as well as ensuring the soil remains moist through regular watering.

In terms of the conditions that suit you best, sunlight is best, although keeping it slightly shaded will allow you some rest. In very cold zones, move this Anisodonta to a frost-free greenhouse for the winter.


Observation: Images are for illustrative purposes only and are designed to represent the item(s) being sold. Depending on seasonality, deciduous plants can be supplied in a dormant state and without leaves. Plants can also be pruned below the indicated heights to encourage new growth.

Anisodontea elegans princess

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