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Ardisia Bospremium


How Ardisia should be...


Ardisia crenata is a uniquely shaped plant. In combination with limited availability, this guarantees a high degree of exclusivity. Furthermore, Ardisia is very suitable as a Christmas plant because of its wonderful white or pink red berries.


Ardisia particularly stands out, largely because of its distinctive shape. With its thick collar of wild berries, crowned by a thick "head" of leaves, it is unique in its genus. Add to this that production is quite difficult and slow, which means that only expert producers dare to take up the challenge.


So whichever way you look at it, Ardisia is a unique outsider who attracts attention in her own right.


It's a seasonal plant available only in the last months of the year! And they take 2 years to be ready for you!


This plant has many benefits over the original Ardisia crenata. More buds, more leaves, more fruits and less fragile!

(Plant patent EU-CA-JP-CN)

Ardisia crenata Bos Premium

SKU: P0989
  • This amazing exotic from the category of perennial indoor plants attracts not with flowering, and not even with an impressive thick crown, but with berries. But thanks to them, slate turns into a luxurious decoration of the entire interior.

    These plants are unique. Ardisia is an indoor plant. There are very few indoor plants with beautiful berries like this one. Berries often remain on this fantastic plant for at least a year!!



    Ardisia crenata 'Bospremium' likes  a spot of light somewhere in your living room. Protect it from sunlight, especially in summer. It doesn't need a lot of light to bloom to its full potential. High humidity is beneficial for the growth of your plants. We do not recommend placing plants directly above central heating radiators.

    Watering and Nutrition

    Water once a week. You can use a dish that catches the leaking water. It won't be a problem if the soil dries out a bit between waterings. When the plant has not received enough water, the tips of the leaves, will turn brownish and the fruits will wither.


    Room temperature is perfect. However, they still work well at temperature between 5 and 30 degrees Celsius.

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