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Scientific: graveolens route

Popular Names: Rue, Domestic Rue, Garden Rue, Stinky Rue, Strong-smelling Rue

Family: Rutaceae

Category: Aromatic, Medicinal, Horticultural Plants

Origin: Europe

Height: 40 to 60 cm

Luminosity: full sun

Life cycle: perennial


Rue is a subshrub plant very popular for its aromatic and medicinal properties. The leaves are long, glaucous and compound, with oblong to elliptical leaflets that are grayish-green to bluish in color. The branches are branched and herbaceous and over time become woody at the base. When crushed, the plant releases a pungent aroma, considered unpleasant by many. The inflorescences appear in summer and have small and numerous yellow flowers. The fruit is of the capsule type.

This plant is really very versatile, since in addition to being planted in vegetable gardens, due to its phytotherapeutic and condiment properties, it is also ornamental and creates excellent contrasts with flowers, hedges and foliage due to its delicate, blue-coloured foliage. Under formation pruning, rue acquires a beautiful compact and rounded shape, and can be used in borders and massifs. It can also be planted in pots and flowerpots.


Rue is also attributed magical and religious powers. It is historically considered by many peoples to be a protective herb. Since antiquity, its branches and essences have been used to purify environments and protect people from evil spirits, diseases, the evil eye, witchcraft and even temptation. It is still said to give clarity to thoughts and attract love and success. Despite all these mystical powers, rue still repels insects, rats, dogs and cats.



It should be cultivated in full sun, in light soils, neutral to slightly alkaline, well drained, irrigated periodically. Once well established, it is able to tolerate periods of drought. Does not tolerate waterlogging. Rue is not a demanding plant, growing well even in very poor soils. It appreciates the heat, but can be grown in temperate or subtropical climates if protected in winter. 


Caution: toxic plant, must not be ingested and must be handled with gloves to avoid skin irritation.


Arruda (Ruta graveolens)

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  • Vase 10.5 cm   Total Height 20 cm

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