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my name is Amy


I am a fern of the family (Aspleniaceae), to which about seven hundred species of ferns belong. My botanical name Asplenium is derived from the Greek “asplènon" which means spleen herb. Because in the Middle Ages this herb was used as a drink of salvation, against diseases of the spleen. original sheets.


Care  and Tips

• Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations. The ideal is 21 ° C. 

• Don't put me in drafts. 

• Keep my lump moist, but not too wet and not too dry. 

• Give me a little liquid fertilizer once a month along with the irrigation water. 

💚 I'm a "nice" plant for kids and pets 🐶


PROVEN air purification


I make everything fresh and cheerful. A nice feature is that I have a high performance air purifier function as a natural purifier.  I neutralize harmful gases by absorbing them. I also improve the humidity of the air with my regulation evaporation process I absorb the CO² function that allows to create a healthier air in O² oxygen.

Asplenium Amy

SKU: 1028
  • Vase 12  Total Height 30cm


    decorations not included

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