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My name is Asplenium Crispy Wave®


I am a plant that highly purifies the air, as I transform CO2 into oxygen and I am an extremely efficient air purifier, both in your office or classroom, and in your home.




Avoid strong temperature fluctuations. The ideal is 21°C.

Don't put me in the draft.

Give me enough light, but without putting me in direct sunlight.

Keep my root ball moist, but not too wet or too dry.

Give me a little liquid fertilizer once a month along with the irrigation water.

💚 I'm a nice plant for kids and pets 🐶





PROVEN air purification


Keep the air clean? It's my specialty! I am an Asplenium Crispy Wave® fetus and I clean your house every day of impure particles and allow you to breathe fresh, pure and wonderful air. My leaves are remarkably strong green and bright in color, lighter than most ferns. But my leaves are distinguished by their hardness. In summer, you can also place me in a pleasant shady spot on the terrace, but you'll have to bring me back inside before night to protect me from low temperatures. Also know that you can leave me very well in places where the air is extremely dry due to the use of central heating.

Asplenium Crispy Wave®

SKU: 0058
  • Vase 13  |  Total Height 20cm


    Decorative Vase Not Included

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