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This beautiful fern is native to the islands of South Asia and Australia.

A beautiful fern with finely lobed leaves. Dark green, slightly shiny. This fern is also suitable for the bathroom, you will see that it will be fine if the humidity is occasionally too high.

With these conditions the plant shows itself well, if not well then it becomes pale green and lighter.

Like most ferns, Asplenium needs a lot of water. Make sure the plant remains slightly damp, but make sure no stagnant water remains at the bottom of the pot. The roots will rot. The plant does not tolerate drought well, but it can tolerate a slightly darker location in the house. This does not mean that the plant does not need light.

extra information
Each plant grows and blooms in its own way and will be different by season and by plant.
The plant shown may differ in shape and size from those found in the store.

Asplenium Parvati

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