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brazilian bilberry



common name: brazilian bilberry

Family: labiated

Scientific name: Plectranthus barbatus

Origin: Africa

Life Cycle: Perennial.


It is a perennial plant that reaches 1 to 2 meters in height, forming a bush (microphanerophyte) with a rounded habit.

The leaves are velvety, simple, opposite, crossed, relatively large, with a serrated margin and perinerveal veins, oval with an acute apex and attenuated base, reaching 5 to 8 cm in length, petioles averaging 2.5 cm.

It produces bluish flowers, grouped in a raceme-type inflorescence (bunch) that develops along an upright rachis about 25 cm long.

The natural range of Plectranthus barbatus extends from tropical Africa through the Arabian Peninsula to India.


Cultivation Preferences:

This plant adapts better to sandy fertile soil. It needs good sun exposure, it also grows well in partial shade and does not need much water.


Ornamental features:

Flowering occurs in spring/summer. It can grow up to 2 m in height.





Treats discomfort, heartburn. Digestion stimulant and acts as an analgesic.


An infusion can be made using the leaves and flowers of the plant.

Boldo Brasileiro (Plectranthus barbatus)

  • Vase 12cm  |  Total height 20cm

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