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Common name – Apple tree


Scientific name – Malus spp.

Description: It belongs to the Rosaceae family and its main origins are Asia, Europe and North America.


Its size is medium and it has deciduous and oval leaves. They are highly appreciated in Bonsai for their abundant flowering and fruiting.


Location:  Outdoors, where it can enjoy 2 to 3 hours of direct sunlight a day (ideally in the morning or at the end of the day), protected from strong winds and frost. They like locations well exposed to the sun and in winter to the cold (which will encourage good fruiting).


Watering:  Water the soil abundantly until enough water comes out of the drainage holes in order to uniformly moisten the soil, always from above (never by immersion), using a watering can with very fine drains (there are specific for Bonsai).

Allow the surface layer of soil to dry between each watering (to confirm that the plant already needs water, touch the earth with your fingers).

Although very resistant to the weather, they consume a lot of water, especially during flowering and fruiting. We must avoid watering the flowers so that we do not destroy them.


If you have a dish under the Bonsai, never leave any water in it (to prevent the roots from rotting).


There is no advantage in spraying the leaves, only do it on days when you fertilize and if the fertilizer is specific for foliar application, but make sure that they arrive dry at night to avoid fungus.



Nutrition: Begins in February and ends in September/October, with "Bio Bonsai" and "fertile bonsai", has high consumption of micronutrients so we should reinforce with "Micro Bonsai". O "P/K Bonsai" is an excellent flowering stimulant and fungus preventative.


Pruning: We must keep the shape by cutting through the first leaves and apply "Metsumi" to keep the leaves small.


Formation pruning can be done at the end of winter, but respecting the floral buds (fatter), or alternatively in summer (with or without defoliation) as the floral buds have not yet formed.


Transplant: With "Hardwood Bonsai Earth" e "Rhiza Bonsai", at the end of winter before flowering begins, in weakened plants in the year of transplantation we must remove the flowers as they appear so that the plant does not wear out too much.

Wiring: Before flowering, or in early summer with total or partial defoliation.




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