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Bordogreen Flow


EC fertilizer

Application types: Foliar  


  •  Boron (B) soluble in water 0.5% (w/w)
  •  Copper (Cu) soluble in water 10% (w/w)

Formulation: Folder (PA)

Packaging: 1L 


Boron (B) and Copper Sulfate (Cu) micronutrient blends

BORDER GREEN FLOW it is a fertilizer containing boron and neutralized copper sulphate which, due to its fluid formulation and its very fine microparticles, has excellent adherence, coverage and resistance to rain. Its formulation induces rapid and effective absorption.
BORDER GREEN FLOW ensures an immediate assimilation of nutrients by plants, better fertilization of flowers (boron favors pollen fertility) and balanced development of crops (copper has positive effects on metabolic activity).



  • fruit plants
  • Kiwi
  • Came
  • citrus
  • olive grove
  • Strawberry
  • Small Fruits
  • vegetables
  • Industrial crops    


- Fig: for rust, winter treatment with calcium sulphur syrup. During the vegetation from budding, until maturation, it should be sprayed periodically, every 10 to 15 days.
- Citrus fruits (orange, lemon, gossip, among others): for scab and melanosis of sweet orange, after a season in which the incidence of the disease was high, apply 2 sprays - the first before flowering, the second when 2/3 of the petals have fallen off. When incidence is low, spray once after flowering. Mineral oil must be added to these sprays, because copper will kill the fungi that attack the mealybugs, which may increase them.
- Guava: for rust, when climate conditions are more favorable: high air humidity and mild temperatures.
- Rosaceae (apricot, plum, almond, cherry, apple, quince, nectarine, medlar and peach): entomosporiosis - spray after pruning, until the beginning of fruit formation.
- Hose: anthracnose - spray the first time at the end of June, before flowering, in full coverage, wetting the top evenly. The second spraying should be done during flowering. From then on, carry out other sprays between 15 and 20 days, according to the weather conditions (high humidity and low temperature) and the intensity of the disease.
- Strawberry: For anthracnose spray until flowering.


Bordogreen Flow 1L

SKU: P1927
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