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  •  Ruler: Medium
  •  Light requirements: Sun - Partial shade
  •  Nutrition: Average
  •  good for bees
    Profusely blooming triple flower with large orange flowers growing on long green stems. 
    Decorative and colorful climbing plant. 
    It thrives in a sunny south-facing position in well-draining, nutrient-rich soil. 
    Water regularly and allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings.
    Bougainvillea, is a sun-loving, fantastically colorful, vine-like summer plant that attracts the eye and important pollinating insects. 
    The triple bloom has incredibly beautiful orange blossoms that are actually petals that surround the small, modest flowers. Fits perfectly in large vases on a sunny terrace, patio or garden. 
    In winter it may lose its leaves, but it will recover in spring when temperatures rise above 12°C.

    Bougainvillea Fire Ball

    SKU: P0721
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