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Calathea comes from the tropical regions of America, such as Brazil and Colombia. Calathea is available in various shapes and colors, thus changing its name.


A special feature of Calathea is that the leaves rise and close during the night, opening again in the morning. 


Features and care

A Calathea is not only a beautiful ornamental plant, it also has an extremely useful function as an air purifier. Place the plant in a bright spot, but not in direct sun. A little more place for the  interior of the room, it also works. Calathea majestica 'White Star' has glossy green leaves with pink streaks and white designs between green veins.


Additional information


Feature:    air purification plant

Abubation:    1x every two weeks through  of irrigation water.

Location: It looks good in a bright spot, not in the sun, but it can also be placed a little further into the room.

Scientific name: Calathea majestica 'White Star'

Common name: Calatea

Leaf color: Green with white/pink line drawings between the ribs

Consumption:    Not edible

Bottling mix: Universal, for all indoor and outdoor plants.

Watering: Water regularly, without letting the plant dry out between waterings.


Availability:    Each plant grows and blooms in its own way. Therefore, they are not available all year round. This plant is mainly for spring, summer and autumn.

Plant height at time of purchase:    50 cm.

Calathea majestica 'White Star'

SKU: P1805
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