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Scientific names:  Calathea Ornata


Origin:    South America.

Maximum growth (approx.):    60 to 80 cm tall

Poisonous for pets:    Non-toxic to cats and dogs.



Calathea Ornata is a perennial plant belonging to the Marantaceae family and which are commonly known as praying plants, due to their habit of raising their leaves at dusk and only opening again at dawn.


The plant has large leaves with a distinctive pattern and effervescent colors.


Calathea Ornata is a plant that is native to South America and is seen in many tropical climates such as Thailand. There are several members of the same family and they are all known for their large leaves, with patterns that are extremely noticeable while their colors are dazzling.


Calathea Ornata leaves grow at the end of long petioles that require the right care and proper placement in order to keep looking as healthy as possible. If kept indoors the plant will not grow much larger than 60 to 80 cm in both width and height.


Flowering and foliage: This is a popular plant with attractive leaves and colors, but the plant is unlikely to flower indoors. However, it is a beautiful species  dark green and shiny looking leaves (green with white stripes). This is a plant that has leaves with a pattern (veins) that, given their similarity, could be called feathers and in some cases, they have a pinkish hue.


To add to its uniqueness, the underside of the leaf has a beautiful reddish-purple color. This is a plant that grows in an upright position. It grows actively between the months of March and October, as a result of a more humid soil.


The pink streaks will turn white as the plant ages.


Level of care: To ensure Calathea Ornata grows exceptionally well it requires a certain level of care making it a plant not very suitable for beginners to care for:




Temperature:    The ideal temperature is between 18 - 23°C. Do not let the temperature drop below 15°C.

Light:    This plant should be placed in bright conditions, but never  in direct sunlight. Find a well-lit spot to place your Calathea.

Watering: During the winter months it is important to keep the plant watered, but allow the top mix to dry between waterings. Water when the soil begins to dry out, keeping the top mix always moist in the warmer months.

Mixture: A more peat-based mixture will be needed.

Refill: Once every 2 years during spring. Only replace the pot if the plant has outgrown its present.

Fertilizer: Feed every two weeks with a diluted balanced fertilizer. Only during the April - October growing season.

Air Humidity: Ensuring the air is not too dry will allow the leaves to thrive better, so it is advisable during the summer to use humidifiers or spray the leaves daily.


Calathea ornata

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  • Vase 19 cm  |  Total Height 80 cm

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