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Originally from South Africa, this plant is distinguished by its narrow and long two-coloured leaves that almost resemble a grass. If not, the Chlorófito is extremely easy to care for as the plant is relatively rustic, does not require constant pruning and tolerates temporary abandonment of watering.

It tolerates indoor environments well, and survives well in more aggressive environments, namely with fireplaces or air conditioning, however, if planted outdoors, it resists in shady places and protected from cold and frost.

Chlorophytes have the advantage of being air purifying plants improving the air quality in the home.

It can be planted in a hanging vase or in a floor planter.



brightness: partial shade / indirect light


Watering: regular and generous – avoid waterlogging


Ground: rich in organic matter that has good drainage


Level of care: simple

Chlorophytum comosum ‘Variegatum’

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