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Chlorophytum orchidastrum 'Fire Flash'


Common name: orange spider plant

Type: perennial herbaceous

Family: Asparagaceae

Height: 30 to 60 cm

Width: 30 to 60 cm

Flowering time: july to august

Flower Description: white color negligible

Sun: half shade

Water: Average

Maintenance: Low

Sheet: colorful, perennial



Usually grown as a houseplant, where it will perform well in an organically enriched potting mix.

Avoid direct sun (leaf burn or chlorosis may occur), or full shade. The best location for indoor plants is usually achieved simply by experimenting with different locations.

Chlorophytum is not demanding in terms of temperature, it can tolerate 8 to 20°C. 

It needs evenly moist soil. Plants prefer a moist growing environment to prevent leaf tips and leaf margins from darkening.

Consider placing pots in shallow trays of wet pebbles and/or misting the foliage regularly with water to maintain good humidity levels in dry weather.

Remove non-ornamental flower spikes as they appear.


Notable Features

The Genus Chlorophytum contains over 250 species of perennial rhizomatous, most of which are native to tropical and subtropical parts of southern and western Africa. Spider plant is the common name used for plants of this genus. Plants usually feature rosettes of fleshy tuberous roots, lanceolate leaves, and small white flowers that bloom in panicles in spring. Most species have never been cultivated and are not considered ornamentally attractive.


The genus name comes from the Greek words chloros meaning green and phyton meaning plant.


'Fire Flash', commonly known as the Orange Spider Plant, is a tropical perennial that is indeed very attractive ornamentally.

It normally reaches 30 cm in height when grown indoors, but reaches 60 cm in height when grown outdoors.

The wide, oval-lanceolate, pointed, glossy dark green leaves (up to 30 cm long) appear in rosettes.

This green plant foliage is highlighted, however, by the contrast of the bright orange petioles and mid-veins of the leaves that bring a fire-like orange glow to the center of each plant, hence the cultivar name 'Fire Flash'.

The white flowers bloom in dense, cylindrical, outward-arching panicles. The flowers are not particularly showy and only last a week.


This plant is sold commercially today under several different names, including Chlorophytum amaniense, Chlorophytum amaniense 'Fire Flash', C. orchidantheroides, C. orchideastrum, C. filipendulum amaniense and C. 'Fire Flash'.



Leaf tips are prone to blackening. Watch out for scale, aphids, mealybugs, whiteflies, and spider mites.

A Irrigation should be uniform and with soft, stable water.

Sometimes when the plant is watered with water different from what it is used to, anomalies may occur, so you should be careful.

If the air is too dry, or if the substrate is more permanently humid, the plant tends to have dry leaf tips.



Great ornamental for indoors or outdoors. Easy to grow.


Chlorophytum orchidastrum Green Orange

SKU: P2560
  • Vase 12 cm | Total height 30 cm

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