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Clerodendrum Wallichii Prospero


Product information:

Clerodendrum Prospero is a plant with exceptional flowers. Not only for its appearance, but also for the fact that it is cultivated by only one European producer: Decorum, producer Richplant. 

Clerodendrum was discovered around the end of the 19th century in India by the Danish botanist Nathaniël Wallich. A botanist with an eye for beauty and the exotic, of which Clerodendrum Prospero is  a perfect testimony. 

This "glorybower", as the plant species is sometimes called, has clearly defined white flowers, which are remarkably distinct from its glossy green leaves. Take a look at the flowers and you will find that they are shaped like butterflies.


Care tips:

Likes a sunny and clear location (No direct sun).

Ideal temperature 18-22 ° C

Maintain humidity (without soaking), as the compost must not dry out.

Remove the dead flower heads.

Clerodendrum Wallichii Prospero

SKU: 0463
  • Pot 17cm - Plant Height 40cm

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