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COMPO Citrus Fertilizer

  • Suitable both for fruit production and for ornamental purposes.

  • Also ideal for some exotic fruits such as kiwi and mango.




More notes on the Doses application - Instructions for use
At planting time:

  • place 2 hands (40 to 60 gr.) on each foot at the bottom of the place where you will plant.

When they begin to bear fruit:

  • You will have to fertilize again with about 110 g. per tree (3 to 4 hands).

At flowering or fruit set:

  • Spread about 110 gr. per tree (3 hands) stirring superficially with the earth and then watering.

Important Note: A handful of fertilizer equals 30 / 45 gr. about. A tablespoon at 8 / 10 gr. approx.


User protection instructions

Store between 6ºC and 35ºC. Avoid direct exposure to the sun.
Keep out of the reach of children. Keep away from food, drink and animal feed.


Product Details

Technical specifications

COMPO CITRINOS FERTILIZER is the ideal fertilizer for all types of citrus fruits such as lemon trees, orange trees, mandarin trees, both to promote an abundant harvest and to provide a green appearance to the tree. It can also be used on Kiwis and Mangoes. This COMPO packaging is hermetically vacuum sealed, thus protecting the product from moisture, ensuring greater longevity and fertilizing power. After using it, please close it properly. Packing with ZIP closure.


Compo Adubo Citrinos

SKU: P0015
1 Kilogram
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