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Scientific name

Crassula ovata (Miller) Druce 'Gollum'

common names

Gollum Jade, Trumpet Jade, ET Fingers, Jade Plant, Jade Tree, Money Tree, Jade Finger, Jade Spoon Juicy


Crassula ovata 'Monstruosa', Crassula argentea 'Gollum', Crassula portulacea 'Gollum' 

scientific classification

Family: Crassulaceae 

Gender: Crassula



Crassula ovata 'Gollum' is a small, loosely branched, shrubby succulent, up to 90 cm tall and up to 60 cm wide, with interesting tubular leaves that have a reddish hue. The flowers are small, like stars, white or pinkish-white.


how to care

Easy to grow in a pot, best in full sun but tolerates partial shade. If you can get a few hours of sun a day it will be ideal. It needs well-draining soil with a neutral pH.

Crassula ovata (also known as the Jade Plant) is easy and simple to care for. Many people like to grow Jade Plants at home or in the office, because  they are considered symbols of good luck. The most important factors to consider when growing crassulas indoors are water, light, temperature and fertilizers.


Culture Conditions

Light: Crassula ovata 'Gollum' flowers in good conditions with lots of light. Benefit from  a few hours of sun a day, you will be in the ideal situation. 

Ground: It is recommended to use a good draining soil mixture, which is sold and used forcacti and succulents

Temperature: The ideal indoor temperatures should be between 15 ° C and 24 ° C during the summer. In the winter it should not be less than 10 ° C. 

Watering: It is best to allow the soil to dry out between waterings, which will depend on the time of year, the amount of moisture and sunlight it receives. Do not allow too much water in the bottom of the pot in contact with the roots, as this will cause them to rot. 

Fertilization: apply afertilizer for succulents in accordance with its instructions.


Crassula gollum (Exemplar)

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